How to print WordPress website pages

Review: PrintFriendly & PDF Pro

PrintFriendly & PDF Pro is a simple plugin that allows you to print your website beautifully with the click of a button.

Problem We Faced

We’ve had a few clients who have needed their content to automatically format correctly when printed and not all WordPress themes focus on making content printable.

The Solution

This plugin proved to be the right solution with it’s user-friendly interface that could be used on a number of platforms.

If you’re working with an HTML site, the entire configuration of this plugin is done on the developer’s site, where you choose from a variety of options and it populates an HTML code that can be embedded onto the website. When using with a WordPress site, configuration is just as simple and can be done through the plugin.

What We Liked

Besides the fact that is plugin saves on ink/paper by rearranging content for best possible fit, it’s easy, no-nonsense set up and options make it a great fit for our websites.

Platform: Can be used on multiple platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Price: Free

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How to print WordPress website pages

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