Generate advertising revenue with your website

There comes a point when a website has a large enough audience that it requires extra maintenance. A great way to start generating money to offset the cost of maintenance is by using the Adsanity Plugin. With the Adsanity Plugin, website admins are able to introduce advertising opportunities by selling space on their website to create recurring revenue. This plugin creates an opportunity for bloggers and trade associations to attract certain businesses to advertise with them since these websites focus on a specific target audience.

With the Adsanity Plugin, ads can live forever or can have an expiration date on your website. Ads can be managed by groups or individually and be placed anywhere on your page. This plugin is an easy setup and manageable since it creates its own widget — no need to look through all of the posts on your dashboard to find out where your ad is.

If companies want to see statistics of the viewers, Adsanity has it covered. Sponsors can see clicks per ad and number of viewers through an exported report. Use your large audience to your advantage and start letting your website pay for itself in the long run.

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Generate advertising revenue with your website

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