Grow your online community

Online communities contain members who have similar interests and niches. One type of community that can benefit from using online membership management tools is trade associations. Trade associations want their members to find out about upcoming events and have access documents with a breeze. Ultimate Member is a free WordPress membership management plugin that can help bring your community together!

When utilizing this plugin, admins of the website are able to control the profile page after members log in. Ultimate Member provides protection of important documents by allowing members register online, it also gives admins the option to approve or reject the registration. Not only are members welcomed with an automatic email after registration, admins can schedule mass emails easily for other purposes.

Need to look-up someone quickly? No problem, Ultimate Member has membership directories containing a search bar. These customizable profiles can include a picture, personal contact information, resumes, current employer information and skills. Profiles can also display comments and activity on community forums. This plugin also allows members to access the online community on their smart phone or tablet. Trade associations can immensely benefit from Ultimate Member because not only does this keep track of information and members, this plugin is only in its first stage in giving communities the tools they need to grow and plan for their future.

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Grow your online community

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