Boost your Instagram followers through your website

Review: The Instagram Feed

Company: Smash Balloon

Problem We Faced
We had a client who wanted to display their Instagram feed on their website. They wanted to automatically update the feed on their website since they are constantly traveling and attending different events.

The Solution
We found The Instagram Feed which uses the client’s public account to update their website feed. Not only was this customizable plugin was easy to install, it also allowed future website visitors the option to follow our client and load more content which helped give our client the boost in Instagram followers. The plugin is responsive so it looks great on mobile devices.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?
No improvements come to mind — this plugin is great and would definitely recommend it.

What We Liked Most
We enjoyed it because we were able to customize the size of the photos so they did not overpower the other content on the website. You could have one Instagram or more Instagram accounts connected and the website would look great!

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

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Boost your Instagram followers through your website

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