Create a versatile and custom newsletter for your company

Review: Newsletter Plugin

This WordPress Newsletter plugin is everything we were looking for and more when creating a professional looking newsletter. With its easy to use design and customizable options, creating a newsletter to fit your specific needs is simple.

Problem We Faced

We wanted to create a newsletter that would be straightforward to use, seamless in design, but was also powerful enough to give us back information on newsletter clicks, opens and demographics.

The Solution

We tested Newsletter and found that it was a great solution for companies looking to send out a newsletter to as little or any many subscribers as they wanted. This plugin allows you to have an unlimited number of subscribers, allowing you to send as many emails without limiting your traffic. Under the professional subscription, you have the option to download add-ons for the plugin that include extended reports, sent newsletter archives, a Facebook extension, feed by mail and more. Newsletter can also generate detailed reports on clicks, opens, etc. The report can also include geolocation, that can be useful when targeting a specific area. One of the downloads we found most useful was the feed by mail extension. This allows the plugin to automatically generate newsletters using the latest content on your blog as frequently as you want (daily, monthly, etc).

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

For now we don’t see anything that needs major improvement. If we come across any red flags we will be sure to keep you posted.

What We Liked Most

We liked Newsletter because of the useful options it provided, while still being easy to use. Our favorite downloads were the detailed reports and the automated newsletter options. Since most of the downloads on the professional extension were effective in creating a functional newsletter, we didn’t mind the paying for the premium subscription.

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Price: Free – $97 (pricing options)

Platform: WordPress

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Create a versatile and custom newsletter for your company

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