Access your social profiles from your website with style

Review: AccessPress Social Icons

The Social Icons plugin gives a modern take on linking social media pages to your website. With this plugin it is easy to select icons from pre-designed sets or customize your own, in order to take your users to your social media platforms.

Problem We Faced

We wanted to incorporate the links of our social media pages seamlessly onto our website, without them looking like they didn’t belong on the page. We needed something that would be easy to customize, and had many different theme and style options.

The Solution

We tested Social Icons and discovered that it was a great solution to our problem. When testing the plugin, we found that you are able to upload your own icons if you want something that is completely unique to your site. With the professional version of this plugin there are 22 pre-designed icon themes, with the option to change fonts, colors and styles, to fit the design of your website. Another feature of Social Icons is that it allows you to use multiple icon sets if you want to put them in different locations on the site.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

Since this is such a simple and easy to use plugin, we didn’t find anything that we thought needed improvements currently.

What We Liked Most

What we liked most about Social Icons was the many different ways we could customize these icons to fit in with any site we were working on. The plugin was also very easy to use and the drag and drop feature allowed us to play around with the icons to place them exactly where we wanted. Finally the plugin is compatible on mobile devices, making it more user friendly.

Price: $19

Platform: WordPress

Company: AccessPress

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Access your social profiles from your website with style

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