The modern solution for your online event calendar

Review: EventON Plugin

This WordPress event calendar is a powerful tool for creating and managing events. The easy to use template has many features that will take your calendar to the next level.

Problem We Faced

We were looking for a sleek event calendar that was easy to use for both the creator and the user. We wanted something that had been used successfully before, so we knew we were getting a reliable product.

The Solution

We tested out this new plugin and found that there are many features that make EventON an effective tool in managing your events. Its interactive sliding event card and easy sorting make it a breeze for event goers to get all the information they need in one location. Along with a featured image, you also have the option of adding in Google Maps and event details all on the same page. Another feature of the plugin is the ability to show and sort multiple events with the the user able to jump around from month to month with ease. Finally, one of its main features is the add-ons, which you can buy based on your specific event’s needs. For example, if you wanted to sell tickets for the event on EventON, you would be able to buy the add-on to allow this function, without having to spend money on features that wouldn’t be useful to you.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

While we liked the idea of the add-ons, as a developer it would be great if there was the option of buying all the add-ons at one bundled price.

What We Liked Most

We liked EventON because of the ease and style it brings to the online event calendar. We also liked the option of add-ons that allow for customization for the creator. We can see EventOn being useful for businesses as well as individuals looking for an interactive experience. Overall this plugin is functional while also being modern and user friendly.

Price: $28 (not including add-ons)

Platform: WordPress

Company: Ashanjay Product

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The modern solution for your online event calendar

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