Update your website while you sleep

Review: Tao Schedule Update

Make scheduled changes on your WordPress site based on a pre-made edits. With this plugin there is no need to be logged-in to the back-end of the site when these changes are being made.

Problem We Faced

We needed a contest page to close out at midnight and didn’t want to have to wait up to manually take the page down.

The Solution

We used Tao to take down the page for us so that entries would no longer be accepted after midnight. This plugin allowed us to sleep while the update was made.

What We Liked

This plugin is great because of the versatility. Not only can you take down an entire page like we did, but it also allows for small edits on the page to be made at a scheduled time.

Since this is a newer plugin, we’ll keep an eye out for any bugs, but so far Tao Schedule Update has worked like a charm!

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

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Update your website while you sleep

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