The Twitter Plugin by Twitter

Review: Twitter plugin

We saw that Twitter and developer Niall Kennedy have teamed up together in creating a new plugin for WordPress.  Since Twitter is a well known social media platform, we wanted to check out the plugin and what has been created.

About the Plugin

We tested out this new plugin to see what features this plugin contains. The Twitter plugin contains many of the same features that other 3rd party plugins have. It allows users to embed tweets, add tweet buttons at the end of posts and add a follow button on the page. One interesting feature we saw was Twitter advertising measuring the target audience on websites.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

This plugin can add an option for a scrolling twitter feed for users or hashtags.

What We Liked Most

Overall this is a very basic plugin. It comes directly from the social media platform so it has a lot of room for creativity. We liked that this plugin works with Twitter analytics so companies can create certain types of tweets to optimize their reach.

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: Niall Kennedy

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The Twitter Plugin by Twitter

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