Generate Revenue from your Newspaper Site with a paywall

Many major newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have set up a paywall on their website. This allows some articles to be available to readers while others require a paid subscription. We found the WP-Members as a plugin that can help many newspapers enforce the paywall and manage the number of subscribers.

The WP-Members plugin gives subscribers a chance to register for an account to view news content quickly. Through the online registration system, newspapers can track what users are looking at and when they view the articles online. If there are subscribers writing vulgar comments on articles then admins of the news site can ban the user’s account and block their IP address to prevent the same user registering for another account.

The WP-Members plugin also allows newspapers to install an add-on features. If news sites decide to charge for content, PayPal  integration is an option. The  MailChimp integration can be beneficial to the news site if you need to email subscribers to renew their subscription, send out daily news articles, or to send a welcome message after registration.

News sites will not have to worry about how much content is shown to non-subscribers. After writers post their articles, the plugin can automatically create an excerpt of an article which non-subscribers can see or have writers manually pick how much a reader can see to create the paid content for the paywall. Overall, the WP-Members plugin can not only help your writers find out who is looking at their articles, it can help newspapers report what interests the public.

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Generate Revenue from your Newspaper Site with a paywall

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