Show Real Time Stock Quotes on your Finance Website – 2018 Update

Want to add a stock-quote plug-in to your website? Here are some great options. We can install and configure the plugin for you for $250.

In the 4 years since this post was initially published, Yahoo and Google have disabled free access to their real-time stock data. Therefore the plugins we previously recommended for adding stock quotes to your website are no longer working.

Fortunately, we have found suitable replacements.

Stock Quote and Stock Ticker are WordPress plugins that pull real-time stock from Alpha Vantage (a 3rd party service that offers free real-time stock data APIs for developers). Both plugins include the disclaimer that the information should not be relied upon for investment decisions, and that they can’t guarantee the accuracy of the data since it is coming from a 3rd party. That said we ran some tests, and both plugins did a great job of displaying accurate real-time stock information.

I’ve include a small example below using the Stock Quote plugin for some popular companies.

[stock_ticker static = “true”]

This was embedded with a simple short-code, and it can be used in widgets as well. Note that there are quite a few ways to customize the output, such as enabling scrolling.

So give us a call or send us a note — we’d love to show you how you can utilize stock quotes on your own website.


Here is the original post from 2014. We now recommend avoiding these plugins below.

Brokerage firms and financial planners can spice up their websites by displaying real-time stock market data on their pages. The add-on of stock data can help investors look out for current and future investments in the market instantaneously.  The prospect of coding that kind of constantly refreshed information can seem daunting but luckily we found a solution to add on to your website. We wanted to share two plugins – one free and one paid – that make it easy to embed accurate and relevant stock data directly into your WordPress website.

Show Stock Quotes

Show Stock Quotes is a free plugin that lets you display quotes for up to 20 stocks — updated in real time — on your WordPress site. Each quote shows the stock’s price and percent change, with a link directly to the company’s site. The widget pulls the data from Google Finance and it’s updated constantly.  There’s also an optional RSS feed.

If you want to display more than 20 stocks, you can just create a workaround by embedding the widget multiple times.

WP Stock Ticker

If you want your site to show even more market and stock information, WP Stock Ticker offers a ton of options for $25. It features access to unlimited stock codes and currency pairs, which you can display in a customizable scrolling ticker.

The ticker is easy to set up. Simply enter the stock symbols in the plugin’s settings and choose how it displays. When users click on a specific part of the ticker, it pulls up graphs and charts on that stock’s history. The plugin pulls its data from Yahoo! Finance but then caches it in WordPress so it’s not retrieved from Yahoo every time the page loads.

WP Stock Ticker offers unique customizable options that are easy to navigate. And it’s an easy way to put a professional polish on any WordPress site.


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Show Real Time Stock Quotes on your Finance Website – 2018 Update

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