Map your website to another domain

Review: Domain Mapping

The Domain Mapping plugin offers multi-site users unique domain names on one primary hosting account. This allows users to drop excessive site names and identify a simplified, more clear one. For example, the plugin can change “” to “,” making your sites easier to find.

Problem We Faced

We had a client who needed multiple sites that were connected on the back end of WordPress but displayed different URL’s to the end user. The company didn’t want its employees to have to log in on separate WordPress accounts when it made more sense to connect both sites anyway. Finally they wanted a way to more easily share articles and images between both sites.

The Solution

We found that Domain Mapping was an excellent solution because it effectively fulfilled all of the needs of the client . We gave our client a shared account that was able to host completely separate sites with unique domain names but under one roof. It also provides individual network owners with the option of selling domain names directly from their network.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

While we didn’t encounter any issues with Domain Mapping, we did find that it required more setup than most plugins.

What We Liked Most

Domain Mapping was very appealing because it enabled us to create multiple sites with different domain names under the same WordPress back-end.

Price: $19 per month

Platform: WordPress

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Map your website to another domain

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