View Google Analytics inside your website

Review: Google Analyticator

With Google Analyticator, you are able to view your Google Analytics data right from your WordPress dashboard. One of its most prominent features is the 30-day snapshot, which displays a line graph of all relevant performance data, from site visits to top searches.

Problem We Faced

We were looking for a way to easily view visitor trends and data from the back-end of our websites for our clients. Our main goal was to give them a simple way to find the information they wanted without having to leave their website.

The Solution

Google Analyticator was the best option for our client because it provided a diverse range of settings for tracking and displaying data. For example, the plugin includes the option of making the widget visible on the public site to show off visitor statistics. It can also track the download of files such as brochures or programs, allowing the client to monitor what materials generate the most interest. We also found that this plugin was very straightforward for our client to use, even without extensive WordPress training.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

This plugin has all the functionality features we were looking for when tracking website data. As of now, we wouldn’t change anything.

What We Liked Most

What we liked most about this plugin was how simple and effective it was. While it includes the same features of the original Google Analytics, its various options for viewing  really made it stand out to us. With the option to exclude logged-on viewers from being tracked, the plugin also prevents the possible collection of skewed data.

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: SumoMe

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View Google Analytics inside your website

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