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Review: Responsive Google Map Testimonials

Problem We Faced

We had an e-commerce website who got constant orders of their product from different states.  They wanted to make sure they had an upper-hand among rival competitors, so we wanted  include location based testimonials from previous clients who have loved having their product.

The Solution

The plugin that stood out is Responsive Google Map Testimonials. The plugin includes a map of the world for international companies and the map of specific countries. The company can add videos or photos of customers on their website which really helps personalize their brand. Being specific on locations is no problem since the program uses longitude and latitude. It also gives you the option to view the map in different ways and will let you magnetize into certain areas.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved? 

We thought this was a great plugin — however, we noticed that it has not been updated in over a year, and does not have many sales.

What We Liked Most

We saw this plugin being useful for many major e-commerce websites, salons, construction and real estate companies since many of the companies are able to show off their product and how content people are with their services. It definitely gives viewers a different review experience.

Price: $16

Platform: WordPress

Company: Caduthuz

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Map out your users

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