Enhancing online education and certification

Online classes have been beneficial to students who do not have the time to go to class during the day or to those who like to plan out their time and pace their learning experiences. Through the LearnDash plugin, online classes can be offered by instructors to create a virtual classroom. Whether it is an online a certification through an industry association or online courses for a university, instructors are able to set up programs for students to access and learn from courses to specific lessons to quizzes. LearnDash creates a virtual classroom to give students the some of the same qualities that they have a learning institution.

With LearnDash, instructors are able to set up different options for students to register and pay for their courses online. If students have not taken the beginner level then prerequisites can be enforced before taking the intermediate level. Lesson plans and quizzes can be scheduled to be released on certain days so students are not overwhelmed with information all at once. Lesson plans supports different types of media such as videos and pdf’s. Although it is a virtual classroom, instructors don’t have to worry about the lack of  peer interactions. Discussion boards and creating groups within the online website for an assignments keeps students active on the website outside of the lesson plans.

Students are able to keep up to date with their grades after the instructor reviews their assignments which can be submitted through LearnDash. Need to remind students about assignment due dates or changes in the syllabus? Easy, instructors can send a mass email with the changes and due dates. At the end of the student’s learning experience,  access will be expired to certain courses so there is not an overwhelming number of people enrolled in a course. Students are also able to gain a formal recognition through the certificate from the end of their completion of the courses. The learning tools provided by LearnDash gives certification by associations and learning institutions gives instructors an abundance of methods on how they would teach their virtual classroom. Through the online education and certification programs offered by associations and learning institutions, the opportunity for education grows. When the opportunity for education grows, the opportunity for advancement can grow within the industry for many of the students.

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Enhancing online education and certification

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