How to Speed up your WordPress site with WP Rocket

Review: WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a favorite caching plugin among WordPress developers to enhance load time on websites. This plug and play option is a great way to add a speed boost to any WP site with minimal configuration required.

Problem We Faced

Some client sites were showing up with low scores when inspected on Google PageSpeed Insights.

The Solution

After some research into caching plugins and speaking with other developers, we landed on WP Rocket. This was by far the best caching plugin with the least amount of back-end setup while also being the most effective. Win win! We also noticed an immediate improvement in our Google Page speed score.

Here are a few ways WP Rocket improves load speeds:

  1. Page caching
    • Allows the browser to store static content so that the site doesn’t need to load up new content when clicking around.
  2. File compression
    • This reduces the weight of files through minification.
  3. Lazy loading
    • Images are loaded only as your visitor scrolls down the page.
  4. Database optimization
    • Reduces bloat and reduces the database size with scheduled cleanups.
  5. Developer friendly 
    • While super easy to set it and forget it, the plugin is completely developer friendly so customizations can be made.


Single Site – $49/ year
3 Sites – $99/ year
Unlimited sites – $249/ year

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How to Speed up your WordPress site with WP Rocket

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