Need an online tool to handle all of your event planning details?

When planning an event, it’s critical to keep track of every detail to make sure the invitations, registration, ticketing and day-of run smoothly. But it can be hard to integrate complicated systems into your website without hours of coding. We just found a great plug in that can collect attendee data, compile guest lists, and collect payments – it’s perfect for event planners or any firm that relies on hosting events.

Event Espresso allows you to host and manage events directly through your WordPress site. It handles every step of the process, from inviting guests to selling tickets to checking guests in on the day of the event. It allows you to create a custom registration page that collects, organizes, and stores whatever data you need from attendees. You can set up multiple ticketing options, with different dates, times and seating options. When its time to start selling tickets, attendees can pay directly on your WP site, and the plugin handles collecting money and administering taxes. Finally, it sends customized confirmation and reminder emails and includes an option to link directly to guests’ calendars. Besides the lines and lines of code you don’t have to write, Event Espresso actually eliminates a lot of the busywork of event planning.

Event Espresso also gives you the option of add-ons, such as maps, seating charts, and integration with mailchimp and other services. The plugin starts at $99.99, with packages for individuals, corporations and developers and discounts available for non-profits. Plus, it includes live support for troubleshooting and regular upgrades.

There’s a million details that go into planning event, but plug-ins like Event Espresso can handle a lot of them, letting you focus on the big picture.

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Need an online tool to handle all of your event planning details?

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