Easily Share Interactive Data Sets and Tables on your Website

The need to show organized current data on websites can be an essential for many business websites. However, we understand how much tedious work it takes to organize spreadsheets and manually enter information a second time for online use. We have found a great solution that allows you to update your website directly from your Excel spreadsheets.  No more manually updating in two places, only one.

wpDataTables gives you all the tools to make sure your online spreadsheet looks great on your website. You can self install the plugin onto your WordPress website with the video tutorials and instructions. The front-end user experience slick and interactive. Website users can group, sort and filter data so they can easily find the information they need. This is particularly essential with large data sets such as catalogs or historical financial data. This plugin is responsive so it will look a great on any device which will allow your viewers to look up information on the database quickly. Want to add visuals? wpDataTables has you covered. Use what you have inserted and give your clients a chart.

A simple back-end and intuitive front-end make this plugin a go-to resource to display data on any WordPress site.

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Easily Share Interactive Data Sets and Tables on your Website

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