Display all your social media feeds on one WordPress page

Review: Juicer

Juicer compiles all your social media feeds into one beautifully laid out design. Just choose the social media accounts you want displayed on your website and configure the WordPress plugin. Once installed, there is no need to to touch it again and posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. will be continually added to your page.

Problem We Faced

On a new site we were building, we wanted to showcase our client’s social media in a more unique way than just showing a few feeds around the site. They also wanted their users to be able to access all their accounts on one page, without clicking off the site.

The Solution

Once we found Juicer, we knew this was the solution to our problem. After set up is complete, the plugin automatically pulls in new posts from your social media accounts onto WordPress. New posts are featured at the top and older posts are shown when the user scrolls down.

What We Liked

We loved that we didn’t have to do any custom design on our end. This plugins comes with multiple layouts to choose from, so you know it will fit into any website. We also liked that Juicer was responsive, so there was no need for any additional programming for viewers to see the feed on mobile.

Price:  Free to $100

Platform: WordPress

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Display all your social media feeds on one WordPress page

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