Diagram your websites

I’d like to share a tool that has made my life much easier over the past few weeks. LucidChart is a web application you can use to build flowcharts, diagrams, wireframes, org charts, and much more.

I’ve spent countless hours diagramming databases and creating flowcharts using Microsoft Visio. Although Visio is a good program, it’s simply not as intuitive as LucidChart. Plus, it’s a lot more expensive. I recently decided to test out LucidChart on several projects, and was delighted with the results. It’s easy to learn. In fact, even if you have no experience with this type of software, you can create presentation-worthy charts and diagrams with LucidChart in almost no time at all.

A particularly nice feature of LucidChart is that the documents you create can be converted to PDF files with the touch of a button. And they can also be shared easily on web and social media sites. LucidChart is free for basic use, which allows up to 60 items per diagram. The pro version costs about $10/month.

Happy charting!

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Diagram your websites

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