Backup with Snapshot to save your site

After spending time building, customizing, and perfecting your business’s WordPress site, the last thing you want is to lose your content and settings due to a glitch or system failure. We just found a great inexpensive WP plugin that automatically backs up your entire site to make restoring and archiving easy.

Dubbed the WordPress Time Machine, Snapshot allows you to backup specific pages or your entire site with the click of a button. It’s great because it doesn’t involve clunky server changes or expensive external hardware. Instead, it saves directly to your office server and features the option to save to Dropbox and other online storage services for extra security. You can choose individual pages to back up on the easy toggle menu, or select all files. Plus, the option to schedule automatic weekly, daily, even hourly backups means you never have to worry about remembering to save.

Snapshot is an easy way to make sure your website stays online and continues to work for you – engaging with clients, increasing web presence, attracting new customers. We’d suggest it for personal or business site to save you the headache of rebuilding a site and keep your content safe and secure.

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Backup with Snapshot to save your site

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