Cluttered WordPress dashboard? Clean it up with Adminimize

Review: Adminimize

Clean up the admin area for your WordPress users. Administrators can hide unnecessary dashboard options so they can only see the items they’ll be using, based on the user’s role (ex. author, editor, subscribers, etc).

Problem We Faced

On multiple sites, we found that back-end users would get overwhelmed by the vast WordPress dashboard. One client in particular wanted recruiters to only be able to have access to job listings and candidates.

The Solution
Adminimize solved our problem because it gave our users exactly what they needed and nothing more. After installing this plugin, recruiters could only see and update job listings and candidates once they were logged in.

With the ability to tailor each user role’s dashboard with a restricted view, there is less confusion for WP beginners and a cleaner look for everyone else.

What We Liked

We loved that we could use this plugin on all roles, making everyone from contributors to administrators happy that they no longer had to guess what they had access to. Everything they could see, they were able to use.

Price:  Free

Platform: WordPress

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Cluttered WordPress dashboard? Clean it up with Adminimize

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