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Site Showcase: A.E. Schmidt Billiards

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, A.E. Schmidt Billiards is the oldest pool table manufacturer in the United States, spanning six generations and with dealers located all across the country. A.E. Schmidt came to Keybridge Web for a new website that better reflected their brand’s commitment to quality.

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Site Showcase: The Phytobiomes Alliance

The Phytobiomes Alliance is a global nonprofit organization of industry, academic, and governmental partners facilitating and coordinating efforts toward expanding research to accelerate the sustainable production of crops. They needed a way for members to connect and collaborate.

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Responsive Web Design

What exactly is responsive web design? Chances are, you’ve browsed the internet on more than just one type of device in your time online. Responsiveness refers to any given website’s ability (or lack thereof) to scale and rearrange visual elements so that information is easily accessible on any screen size — from the smartphone in …

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