Site Showcase: The Phytobiomes Alliance

International Phytobiomes Alliance website design by Keybridge Web, the best web design company in Washington DC

The Objective

The International Alliance for Phytobiomes Research is a nonprofit alliance of industry, academic, and governmental partners facilitating and coordinating global efforts toward expanding phytobiomes research, ultimately to accelerate the sustainable production of crops. The Phytobiomes Alliance needed a way for members to connect and collaborate on varied scientific research projects to that end. The existing website was difficult to navigate and required a great deal of manual updating. Organization was key, as the Alliance serves as the gateway for a number of projects involving hundreds of people, dozens of sponsors, and a vast library of multimedia files.

The Solution

Keybridge Web designed and developed a slick, modern website for the Phytobiomes Alliance which makes use of 6 different custom post types.

All of the post types are connected in some way, meaning changes to one post are reflected in another, greatly reducing the hands-on updating that the team once had to do on the old site. The backbone of the organizational structure are the projects, summarizing an ongoing research program. Projects can be tagged with key personnel, sponsors, resource documents, and news articles, each of which link to their own individual post pages, creating a vast web of interconnected data.

Throughout the site, Keybridge maintained our high-touch approach to design, ensuring the new website is beautiful from every angle.

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Site Showcase: The Phytobiomes Alliance

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