Add Google Maps to your WordPress website with Maps Builder Pro

Today it seems like online maps are used on a daily basis. Whether it’s to find the nearest coffee shop or the five best dog parks in Chicago, we find ourselves relying on online maps to get us where we need to go. Your visitors have come to expect this on your site and we found the perfect solution to make them happy. In this blog series we’ll introduce Maps Builder Pro, some of its best features, and why we think it’s the most robust WordPress plugin on the market for creating Google Maps directly on your site.


First on our favorite features list is Mashups. It allows you to link a map to any custom post type, making virtually endless possibilities for your website. For instance if you wanted to create a blog post about your ten favorite restaurants in D.C., the post would include a map pinpointing each restaurant on your list. Each location can have a clickable icon with an address, making it simple for the reader to visit each location.

MapThis feature is not limited to blog posts. To the right, the demo user set up a custom post about “Word Camps” and used Maps Builder to link each location to a point on the map where that specific event took place.

We love this feature because of the ease of use. Locations can be set up just by entering the information in a text box or selecting options from a drop box. This makes it easy to use for even the most inexperienced WordPress users because there is little to no coding involved.

Be on the look out for more in this series about our other favorite features of Maps Builder Pro.




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Add Google Maps to your WordPress website with Maps Builder Pro

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