Review: Import your MailChimp newsletter to your WordPress website.

3 star review

Review: ChimpExpress

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: Freaked Out

Problem We Faced
We wanted to post a MailChimp quarterly newsletter onto our wordpress site without having to manually enter the content in MailChimp and WordPress. We tried using the MailChimp export to HTML function, but a lot of the formatting did not work correctly when we tried to bring the code into our WordPress website.

The Solution
ChimpExpress saved the day. We had this nifty little plugin up and running in 5 minutes. We were able to quickly connect to our MailChimp account, with a few more clicks, we had imported a copy of the of a newsletter on our website.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?
The developer is currently not active on their support forums or the WordPress plugin page. We understand that it is difficult to continually support a free plugin, one option would be to offer a low cost paid plugin that includes some support and additional features.

What We Liked Most
Very easy to use. We were able to set it up, and train our client on it in less that 20 minutes.

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