Insert any file type onto your site without linking to an outside page

4 star review

Review: Embed Any Document

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress


With the Embed Any Document plugin, inserting outside documents into a WordPress site is easier than ever. Now instead of linking off the page to a document, it can be viewed right from the site. The plugin is compatible with most file types including Microsoft Office, PDFs, and Adobe Illustrator.

Problem We Faced

We didn’t want to link viewers away from our page to read a PDF document. We also wanted the embedded document to look clean and to match the design of the rest of the site

The Solution

We found this plugin was a good solution to our problem because of the easy to upload and embed interface. It was also convenient that we could choose between Google Docs Viewer and Microsoft Office Online to display our documents.

What We Liked Most

While we were originally just looking to embed PDF documents, we loved that we could do the same with our Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations. The option to upload an existing document or add from an existing URL, was also at the top of our features list for this plugin.

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