Defend your site from unwanted hackers

Review: Limit Login Attempts

The Limit Login Attempts plugin does exactly what the name implies. It gives the user limited attempts to log into the back-end of any WordPress site, based on custom parameters set by the administrator.

Problem We Faced

Our client wanted an extra padding of security to minimize the risk of hackers breaking onto the site.

The Solution

CaptureThis plugin was a quick fix for our problem. It was easy to install, and setting the criteria to limit logins was simple enough for the client to do himself without any coding experience.

What We Liked Most

We loved this plugin because every aspect is customizable. For instance, you can give back-end users anywhere from one to a thousand attempts to log in based on the level of security you want.

How Could This Plugin be Improved

Although Limit Login Attempts works great, it hasn’t been updated in awhile and could have some problems down the road.

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

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Defend your site from unwanted hackers

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