Sell your dealership’s cars though your website

For car dealerships, having a multi-purpose site is necessary in today’s world. Customers want a way to view your dealership’s inventory, find your location and schedule support, all from your website. We found the Car Demons plugin for WordPress was the easy answer to all of these demands for both small dealerships and large franchise dealer groups alike.

With Car Demons, the inventory management feature can be the best way to bring new clients to your website. Nowadays, many car shoppers will go online to look at a dealer’s inventory before even stepping foot in the physical location. With Car Demons, not only can you add and remove inventory photos, but site visitors can compare cars with different criteria or do a search for a specific make or model with the search widget.

Existing customers will appreciate they can find all the forms they need right on the site without having to go into the dealership to fill them out. Trade in forms, finance applications and service appointment forms are just a few of the files that are ready on the plugin.

Car Demons is set up to map multiple locations so customers can find the most convenient location for them. For example if one of your stores caters to repairs while the other is your inventory lot, the location feature makes the distinction and will be able to point clients to the correct address.

Overall, we think Car Demons is a great way to bring new customers in the door and make your website a powerful sales tool.

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Sell your dealership’s cars though your website

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