PASFAA Case Study: A Transformational Web Development Project

The Challenge: PASFAA faced an immediate need for a new website and Association Management System (AMS) when their previous provider announced a shutdown. The goal was not only to replace the existing system but to enhance it to attract more business partnerships and streamline administrative tasks—critical for an organization run by volunteers.

Solutions Delivered: Within just six months, Keybridge Web designed and launched a comprehensive website with integrated membership management functionalities. Our focus was on automation and efficiency, significantly reducing the administrative burden and offering value to business partners through targeted features like ads, branded content, newsletter recognition, and strategic logo placements.

Impact and Results:

  • Increased Business Partnerships: PASFAA saw a remarkable $30,000 increase in business partnerships revenue—almost doubling the figures from their previous platform. This surge was attributed to the enhanced visibility and value provided to partners through the new website.
  • Administrative Efficiency: The automation and streamlined processes introduced saved PASFAA over 1,000 hours in administrative work annually. Moreover, the potential need for a full-time administrative assistant, which would have cost an additional $40,000 yearly, was eliminated thanks to the site’s efficiency.

Conclusion: The new PASFAA website and AMS have not only met but exceeded expectations, fostering growth and operational efficiency. This project underscores Keybridge Web’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive tangible benefits for our clients.

PASFAA website design by Keybridge Web, the best web design company in Washington DC
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PASFAA Case Study: A Transformational Web Development Project

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