Online membership management for professional associations

In the last segment of the MembershipWorks blog series, we’ll discuss the membership management features of the plugin. Check out our previous three posts for more on member profiles, member billing and the event calendar from the MembershipWorks plugin.

Membership Management

For any professional association’s website, membership management is a huge component in making an organization run smoothly. Members can be labeled and put into folders, so they can be easily found by specialty, membership level, committee, etc. From here you can quickly email either all of your members at once or just a group directly from the administration panel. For example, if you were managing a site for a landscape association, you could set a filter to send your email to only landscapers who specialize in residential work in Georgetown.

Members of your association will appreciate how simple it is to sign in and maintain their own personal account information. From here they can pay dues or manage billing, with the option to make it recurring or just a one time payment. They can maintain their own personal member profile, with the ability to change images or text when updates are needed. Members can also be allowed access to content on the association’s website, that the public wouldn’t be able to see.

The MembershipWorks plugin supports group memberships with an independent sign on for each contact within the organization. In the example of the landscapers association website, Georgetown Landscaping could have one overall profile for their business, while each separate landscaper has their own login information to pay dues.

Digital tablet projecting social media profile on blue backgroundLastly, it’s a breeze to get at-a-glance membership metrics for all users. The administrator is able to see anything from a specific member’s history to overall membership signups, renewals or event sales all in one page.

Overall we liked that it was clear to see the activity of all the members, while still giving members an easy way to personalize their account information. We found that MembershipWorks is a great plugin that encompasses everything we were looking for when creating an effective website for a professional association. With features such as the event calendar, customizable member profiles and recurring member billing, this plugin can make any association’s website modern and user friendly.

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For a comprehensive guide on integrating MembershipWorks with WordPress, refer back to our Ultimate Guide to Building Association Websites with WordPress and MembershipWorks.
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Online membership management for professional associations

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