Let your online customers reach you instantly with Live Chat Support

Review: WP Live Chat Support

Chat with your site visitors — no third party connections or monthly subscriptions needed.

Problem We Faced

We were asked to find a solution to online chatting with customers that was user friendly for both the web visitor and the administrator.

The Solution

WP Live Chat Support was the perfect solution, with plenty of features we didn’t even know we wanted! The plugin will alert the admin when a chat request comes through and will give an away message if you aren’t at the computer. It’s super user friendly on the customers’ end and even shows if the agent is typing back.

What We Liked

Besides all the mandatory features we needed, such as offline messages, access to chat history and unlimited agents, we loved all the smaller features that combine to create an awesome user experience. The typing indicator, social icon integration and easy translations are just some of the reasons site visitors love this plugin.

To top it off, with easy customizations, it was easy to make the chat window look great on the site by incorporating the company’s colors and logo.

What We Didn’t Liked

The only thing that lost half a star for us was that it didn’t look as sleek on the back-end as it does to the end user. That isn’t to say it wasn’t intuitive for the admin — which is why this wasn’t a deal breaker for us.

Price: Ranges from free to $149.95

Platform: WordPress

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Let your online customers reach you instantly with Live Chat Support

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