Keep your blog safe from comment spam

Whether you have a lifestyle, accounting, or legal blog, you always want to make sure you can connect with your audience. Featuring a comments section allows you connect directly with your audience and show your viewers how much you care about their thoughts and experiences. But alongside comments you’ll find spam posts, which are distracting, annoying, and take time to sift through. Wouldn’t you rather save time and the hassle of going through spam comment posts so you can focus writing new content on your website?

The Akismet WordPress plugin is an anti-spam service that filters your comment section and automatically hides posts. It operates by scanning millions of pieces of data from every corner of the internet to keep up with the latest techniques and prevent spammers from using them on your site. It works around the clock and can track in real time how many spam posts it keeps off your site. For businesses, plans start at $5 a month – all you have to do is register and activate the plugin, and Akismet starts filtering and monitoring your comment section immediately.

This is one of the most widely-used and highly-rated WP plugins out there – and it’s clear why. To date, they’ve kept almost 200 billion pieces of spam off of sites, so they’re experts, and their methods are constantly evolving. Definitely a worthwhile plugin for any business that wants to feature comments on their site without inviting spam.

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Keep your blog safe from comment spam

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