How to move your website off of Adobe Business Catalyst before 2021

If your website was built on the Adobe Business Catalyst content management system, then you’re probably aware that Adobe is shutting down it’s Business Catalyst web service effective March 2021. I’m sure it was frustrating to hear that the time and money you put into your current site could possibly be wasted.

Good news is that all is not lost. Keybridge can help you migrate your site to the industry-leading, WordPress content management system. WordPress is “open-source”, which is important, because it means that no single person or company can decide to “shut it down”.  If your website is on WordPress, there are thousands of developers who can update and maintain it.

Here at Keybridge, we see two viable paths for moving off of Adobe Business Catalyst prior to it’s end-of-life in 2021.

Option 1. Migrate the site “as-is” to WordPress. We’ll keep the existing site design, structure, and functionality. The Keybridge development team can take this work off your plate. We’ll manage the entire process start to finish, and deliver you a WordPress site that is easy to manage moving forward.

Option 2. Use this as an opportunity to redesign your website. Our in-house design team will work with you to craft a new site that will impress your clients, prospects, and employees.

Feel free to reach out to Keybridge if you’d like assistance or advice with migrating Adobe Business Catalyst to WordPress. Give us a call at 877-302-2185, or you can reach us via our contact form.

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How to move your website off of Adobe Business Catalyst before 2021

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