How to disable comments throughout your WordPress site

Review: Disable Comments

As the name suggests, this plugin can disable comments site wide in just a single step. This includes comments on posts, pages and attachments.

Problem We Faced

On most of the sites we build, our clients ask us to disallow comments on blog posts to minimize annoying spam. For this particular site, we didn’t want comments to be allowed anywhere on the site, not just on certain posts (comments can be removed selectively on individual posts standard with WordPress).

The Solution

This plugin has been a standard on our sites for some time now. We have found that disabling comments is a great way to tighten up security and is one less thing an admin needs to monitor on the website.

What We Liked

What we loved most was the quick and easy solution. Once the plugin is downloaded and activated, it only needs to be set up once so that comments are disabled throughout the site.

Price:  Free

Platform: WordPress

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How to disable comments throughout your WordPress site

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