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Review: Publishing Checklist

The Publishing Checklist plugin allows the back-end user to create and utilize a checklist when building blog posts on WordPress. Every time a user saves a post, the plugin validates each task so the developer is sure the content is ready for release. If an item is not completed on the checklist, the user will be warned before publishing.

What We Liked 

checklistThe plugin was straight to the point and did exactly what it was supposed to do. For experienced developers, Publishing Checklist is an great way to make sure to check all your boxes before making any WordPress post live.

Problem We Faced

Our main issue with the plugin was that significant coding experience was required for setup. Since it does not come with any default checklists, custom coding is needed for each line item on the checklist. Many of our clients would not be able to use this plugin on their on their own because of the coding background needed to make it run.

While coding is needed for the plugin now, the developer did allude to default checklists in the future so check back with us for possible new updates.

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

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Cover your bases before posting to your blog

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