Coordinate calendar bookings without a phone call

Have you ever been put on hold to have a doctor’s office, rental company or a venue check their calendar availability? Companies can cut their time on the phone and save customers time by showcasing available calendar booking times online. We found a great booking availability calendar and request system called Booking calendar, to can help businesses and customers coordinate with each others calendars.

Booking Calendar allows businesses to set the times and dates for the bookings months in advance. Customers have the capability to enter in their information to request or cancel bookings from the time slots available. An automatic email is sent to the customers thanking them for booking request and asking to reschedule if a customer cancels. Businesses are also emailed at the time of requests and cancellations.

Booking Calendar tries to customize features needed for bigger and smaller companies. When requesting a time slot customers are able to enter in their payment information through PayPal, Authorize.Net, iPay88 and Sage Pay. If a customer cancels after a certain period, the customer can be charged a fee through their payment account for medium business accounts. For large business accounts, coupons can be added on. Booking Calendar also has multiuser accounts to keep track of the roles of the users and changes they have made to the calendar. Although there are different features for different business sizes, this plugin can help rental companies and venues are able to view what customers need and when customers need it. With a few clicks, the company can respond using this plugin.

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Coordinate calendar bookings without a phone call

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