Case Study: Transforming the Digital Experience for American Frozen Foods Institute (AFFI)

Client Background:

In 2019, Keybridge Web embarked on an exciting journey with the American Frozen Foods Institute (AFFI), a prominent trade association representing the interests of the frozen food and beverage industry. AFFI’s commitment to promoting and advancing the frozen food sector was evident, but they recognized the need for a modernized web portal that would enhance their member’s digital experience.

The Challenge: Modernizing the Member Portal

AFFI approached Keybridge with a clear goal in mind: they wanted to revamp their web portal to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for their members. This meant modernizing their website,, and, more importantly, integrating it tightly with their legacy member database system, NetForum. The challenge was to ensure that NetForum remained the undisputed source of truth while providing members with a smooth and integrated login experience on the WordPress-based website.

Our Solution: A Seamless Integration

Keybridge Web understood the significance of this project and went to work to meet AFFI’s requirements head-on. Our team set out to create a tightly integrated system that would facilitate member access to the website while keeping NetForum at the core of their membership data management.

  1. Integration with NetForum: We implemented a robust integration between NetForum and the WordPress website. This integration ensured that the data on the website remained in sync with NetForum’s records, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.
  2. Member Authentication: Our team devised a solution that allowed active AFFI members to log in seamlessly through the WordPress site. This eliminated the need for separate credentials and provided a unified, hassle-free experience for members.
  3. Website Redesign: Keybridge Web also took on the task of giving a fresh and modern look. The website’s redesign was aimed at making it more visually appealing and user-friendly, ensuring that visitors would find the information they needed quickly and easily.
  4. AFFI-CON Micro-site Integration: To streamline ongoing maintenance, we merged the AFFI-CON micro-site into, simplifying content management and offering a unified online presence for AFFI and its flagship conference.

The Outcome: Delighted Clients

The result of our collaborative efforts exceeded AFFI’s expectations. AFFI now boasts a modern, user-friendly website that seamlessly integrates with NetForum. Members can effortlessly access the resources they need, and AFFI’s online presence is stronger than ever. Most importantly, AFFI loves the results achieved through our partnership.

Key Takeaways:

The successful partnership between Keybridge Web and the American Frozen Foods Institute is a testament to the power of digital transformation and seamless integration. By understanding AFFI’s needs and leveraging our expertise, we not only modernized their online presence but also strengthened their member relationships and streamlined their operations.

At Keybridge Web, we are committed to helping organizations thrive in the digital age, and our work with AFFI is just one example of the impactful results we can achieve together. If you’re seeking to transform your digital presence and enhance user experiences, we invite you to get in touch with us. Together, we can turn your digital vision into a reality.

American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) website design by Keybridge Web, the best web design company in Washington DC
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Case Study: Transforming the Digital Experience for American Frozen Foods Institute (AFFI)

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