Review: Add Audio and Video Files onto your Website

Review: ProgressionPlayer

Company: ProgressionStudios

Problem We Faced
Our client wanted to add an audio player feature onto their WordPress website. They needed to let users listen their audio interviews as playlists.

The Solution
We found ProgressionPlayer. It was very easy to set up and allowed our client the option to add videos and create playlists using MP3 and MP4 file formats.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?
We thought it would be great to have a download feature from the player. This plugin has potential to be the go-to source for podcasters and bloggers. It would also would be beneficial if there was a feature to purchase tracks from external websites such as Amazon and iTunes.

What We Liked Most
We liked that the plugin provided customizable skins to match the theme of the website.

Price: $19

Platform: WordPress

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Review: Add Audio and Video Files onto your Website

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