Review: Is your navigation menu bar displaying correctly on cell browsers?

4 star review

Review: Responsive Select Menu

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: Seven Spark

Problem We Faced
We were using a WordPress theme that didn’t handle top level navigation menus well when viewed on mobile devices in responsive mode. We really liked the theme, but the fact that the navigation wasn’t displaying nicely on cell phone browsers was very problematic.

The Solution
We implemented Responsive Select Menu. This great little plugin was super easy to set up, and allows us to add a select menu (drop-down box) to the responsive site. It was a huge time-saver because we didn’t have to custom-code a solution.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?
It would be great if this plugin automatically picked up CSS formatting from the rest of the site.

What We Liked Most
This nifty plugin works perfectly out of the box, and has a very intuitive back-end control panel.

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