Review: Need a WordPress theme that looks great right off the shelf?

5 star review

Review: Law Business

Price: $48

Platform: WordPress

Company: CMS Masters

Problem We Faced
A client needed a law firm website to be built on a tight timeline. We needed a theme that would look and work great right out of the box — with no customization.

The Solution
The Law Business WordPress theme was the right choice for the product. This robust theme was easy to set up an learn, and looked great. We were able to use some of the demo pages as templates, and update the look and feel to match the client’s branding with very little custom coding.

How Could This Theme Be Improved?
We noticed that the floating navigation menu was a little jumpy when the user tried to scroll down. We had to do a little coding on our end to fix this.

What We Liked Most
Easy to use and looks great out of the box — 5 stars!

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