Give your Medical or Law Firm Website Professional Polish with this Resume Builder

When searching for doctors and lawyers, many people ask their friends for references and do some online research on the firm or practice. They would like to know if the person they are retaining services from is experienced and has good credentials. One great way that doctors and lawyers are able to show off their impressive background is through a plugin called Resume Builder.

Resume Builder is an easy to install plugin that prompts users to enter in their background information quickly. It can display lists of skills, education highlights and experience. If the service provider wants, they can add in a head shot with a brief description so viewers can learn more about the provider. The contact information is shown on the side to help motivate and redirect the viewer to call or email immediately since the information is right in front of them.

We prefer using this plugin when it comes to showing off resumes since the format is universal if multiple people would like to display their resumes. Some websites like to display PDF’s of resumes but these can take a while to load, and are also not helpful for SEO. This plugin would give the firm or practice a clean, convenient and SEO friendly way to display professional resumes on your website.

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