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For industries that rely on job listings, functionality and design should be carefully considered when building a website. You want your users to be able to easily apply for jobs as well as display a beautiful site that will excite visitors.

The biggest issues we found with online job boards was either an unappealing and difficult to navigate interface — or the site looked great and didn’t work as it should. The Jobify WordPress theme solves these problems with a simple live job search and filter to make finding relevant listings a breeze.

Jobify creates a community of employers and prospective employees that makes everyone’s life easier. For prospective employees, you can narrow listings down to your desired industry, location and position with an easy search and filter bar that can be customized based on the site’s needs. Capture2

For employers, the search engine can be used to find relevant resumes based on key words or phrases, saving time that would be used manually going through each applicant. Applications can be viewed and managed from your WordPress dashboard or sent to a separate email address to ensure information is given to the appropriate administrator.

As with most WordPress themes, Jobify is completely responsive, so applying for jobs on the go is just as simple as from your desktop.


We love this theme for the easy integration of plugins, no matter the industry.  Our favorites are Resume Manger, Job Alerts, WC Paid Listings and Indeed Integrations. While we found Jobify was perfect for staffing agencies, we can see it working just as well for any company looking to post job listings.

So if you’re looking to add these features to your site, give us a call at 877-302-2185, and we’ll get you set up with a stunning website with even better user experience.

Creating an online portfolio has become a necessary component for everyone from graphic designers to architects. In fields with such a heavy reliance on visuals, the importance of creating an alluring space for your work is a top priority. For these professionals’ websites, we love the Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose theme, for a site that focuses on images rather than text.

With this theme, your portfolio images will be the heart of the site. The homepage features a Pinterest style layout, that will show off your favorite projects. For architects and engineers, you can display both finished projects as well as buildings in process. For designers and artists, this is the perfect way to lay out your pieces to match your vision.

Besides the portfolio, included in the theme is a place for a blog, allowing visitors insight on certain projects.

As with most modern WordPress themes, this too is completely responsive, meaning it will look great on all platforms from desktops and tablets to mobile. Overall, we think this theme is ideal for anyone looking to display their work in a clean and modern environment.

Today, many large companies and small businesses use their website to list everything from restaurant ratings to cars for sale. Whether you have five or 2,000 listings, they should look sleek and uniform so your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

CaptureOne of the best WordPress themes for directory websites is Listify. The theme is unique because if its combination of functionality and design. It matches the directory with great looking photography that will attract customers to your business.

Listify is built to integrate some of the best booking services right into the theme. It supports Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce bookings. You can use your pre-existing login information and the theme will link up the systems, resulting in an easy to use reservation site for your users.

CaptureThere are several add-ons for this theme such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and FacetWP. With the WooCommerce plugin, revenue can be generated with your website by charging restaurants or other businesses to list on your site.

We also love that Listify is an easy solution for membership and association sites. Your members can pay to post their own listing, complete with images, location and business information. Overall, we think this mobile friendly WordPress theme is one of the best on the market.

Keybridge Web specializes in websites for associations. To learn more, click here.

For engineering and architecture firms, your website plays an important role in marketing and branding your company. You want your website to represent your company with a modern design and user friendly features. The Bridge-Architecture theme for WordPress was our answer for a stylish, feature rich site. With 24 layout options, there are endless possibilities to make your site perfect for your firm.

CaptureShowcasing previous projects can be a key selling point for architects and engineers. We love the Architecture theme for showing off your work with an online portfolio right on your website. For prospective clients, this makes finding a firm easier because they don’t have to navigate to other sites looking for images and completed projects.

The Architecture theme is completely responsive, meaning it will look great on all platforms from desktops and tablets to mobile. Overall, we found this theme to be perfect for any engineering, architecture or design company thanks to its versatility and ability to act as a true marketing asset for your firm.

In today’s world your website is often the the first impression prospects will get of your firm. Whether you have a large firm or small practice, it’s important to convey professionalism right out of the gate while still maintaining a sleek interface that will impress prospective clients.

We found the CompanyLaw WordPress theme checked off all the boxes we were looking for in a modern law firm’s website. With bold images and lawyer specific posts, this theme is ready for complete customization based on your firm’s needs. It’s easy to show off recent cases, portfolios and client testimonials with a drag-and-drop page builder that can be personalized to best fit the site.

teamCaptureShowing off your firm’s team members is simple, with built in tools that allow you to showcase each attorney with a profile picture and bio. Clients will be able to see each lawyer’s body of work and specialty, making finding different specialties easy and convenient.

So, whether you’re a small practice with three partners or a large firm with a hundred lawyers in ten states, we highly recommend using the CompanyLaw WordPress theme as a starting template for your new website. And if you’re looking for an expert to get your website up and running, drop us a line. Ask for Mike. I’d be happy to help!

When creating a website for a building or engineering company, it is important to have a site that will excite and motivate clients to use your services. The Structure WordPress theme for construction and engineering sites is a great storefront for your company that shows off your projects and ideas in a modern way.

projectsStructure is designed for companies who are looking to showcase their work with bold images and a clean design. This WordPress theme is easy to use right out of the box and comes preloaded with over ten homepage versions and design schemes, so your website can match your branding needs exactly.

Since your portfolio is the best way to show off your work to prospective clients, why not make it sleek and stylish. The project page gives your visitors an easy way to filter through your portfolio, with large images and clickable information on each project.

CaptureThe Structure theme also allows you to integrate your blog right on the site so you can give your visitors everything from home improvement tips and new design ideas to in depth details on a specific project. We love the blog because it can give the personal touch needed to make your company stand out from the rest.

Overall, with its contemporary design and user-friendly features, Structure is the perfect way to showcase your construction or engineering company to attract new clients to your site.


5 star review

Review: Bridge Minimalist Theme

Price: $58

Platform: WordPress

Company: Qode

Problem We Faced
When designing for RedOwl Analytics, the client wanted to have an sleek and edgy theme to showcase the company’s commitment to protection to their future consumers and future job hunters.

The Solution

We decided to use the Bridge Minimalist theme since it allows us many different options to customize each page. We were able to make the site shine by using the built-in parallax effect, modern sliders, and hover animation. The Bridge Minimalist theme can be used on mobile devices and is retina ready so the detailed designs from the theme are seen more closely.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

We loved this theme because it was easy to customize for our customers needs. We don’t think it needs any improvements.

What We Liked Most

While using a theme is one of the easiest ways to create a website, adding custom coding is sometimes required to personalize the site to the client’s specific needs. The Bridge Minimalist theme was one of easiest themes to add custom coding in for the animation of the Leadership and Meet the Team sections. Overall, the WordPress theme really well designed and easy to work with — easy 5 stars.

Keybridge Web specializes in websites for associations. To learn more, click here.

For the construction industry, showcasing previous project work and specialty services provided can give the company credibility when drawing in prospective clients and employees through their website. The WordPress Estate Theme, is a great platform to allow construction companies to show off the completed (and in-process) projects. It even makes it easy for the companies to add new projects to the site without any web programming knowledge.

What was once a gap between cities, now is a bridge that connects communities and make commutes easier for citizens. Why not show that off on a website? With the Estate Theme, construction companies are able to showcase their work on the website and add a portfolio section. Estate Theme lets companies add various sections like About the Company, Current and Previous Projects, Future Careers, and Services offered. This theme is also responsive so the site will look great on mobile devices.

From the portfolio to social media links to testimonials of previous clients and current employees, it has the possibility in letting a construction company grow and build their online presence.

Your firm’s website will often be the first place potential clients and employees see your company. It is your chance to make a positive and lasting first impression. Your site needs to accurately represent the quality of your firm, and it needs to look good on any device. One modern and versatile theme we have used to showcase engineering firms is the Divi WordPress theme. Click here to view an example of an engineering website that we recently built using the Divi theme.

For engineering firms, the Divi theme specializes in showing off portfolios. All the work being put into projects can be shown off and allows viewers to filter by categories.  There is an option to link social media and videos, write a blog and create a customer testimonial section. All of those elements can end up developing trust and credibility for your firm.

Divi gives the option of using different types of navigation on your engineering firm’s website. Horizontal navigation with a boxed layout or  vertical navigation with a full length layout, you pick!  By the time your site is complete, it will be fully customized to your needs, and will be a valuable marketing tool for your firm.

5 star review

Review: Bridge Restaurant Theme

Price: $59

Platform: WordPress

Company: QODE

Problem We Faced
When redesigning the website for our parent company,  Keybridge Communications, we wanted to have a modern, eye-catching website that would showcase our products & services without the need for heavy custom programming.

The Solution
The Bridge Restaurant theme was a perfect fit. Even though the theme was branded as a food service theme, we were able to make a few minor tweaks so it would fit the needs of our public relations firm. The theme provides the sleek design along with a full screen home page slider along with an several amazing portfolio options.

How Could This Theme Be Improved?

We thought the ability to set the transition time for individual images on the home page slider be could be a great add-on. Sometimes website visitors are unable to read quickly.

What We Liked Most

This theme works perfectly and is required minimum custom programming. It has a responsive design which looks great whether you are browsing on your computer or mobile phone.