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5 star review

Review: Google Analyticator

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: SumoMe


With Google Analyticator, you are able to view your Google Analytics data right from your WordPress dashboard. One of its most prominent features is the 30-day snapshot, which displays a line graph of all relevant performance data, from site visits to top searches.

Problem We Faced

We were looking for a way to easily view visitor trends and data from the back-end of our websites for our clients. Our main goal was to give them a simple way to find the information they wanted without having to leave their website.

The Solution

Google Analyticator was the best option for our client because it provided a diverse range of settings for tracking and displaying data. For example, the plugin includes the option of making the widget visible on the public site to show off visitor statistics. It can also track the download of files such as brochures or programs, allowing the client to monitor what materials generate the most interest. We also found that this plugin was very straightforward for our client to use, even without extensive WordPress training.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

This plugin has all the functionality features we were looking for when tracking website data. As of now, we wouldn’t change anything.

What We Liked Most

What we liked most about this plugin was how simple and effective it was. While it includes the same features of the original Google Analytics, its various options for viewing  really made it stand out to us. With the option to exclude logged-on viewers from being tracked, the plugin also prevents the possible collection of skewed data.


SEO plays a huge role in businesses today and is necessary in creating an effective web presence. We found that Google Trends is a great free tool for SEO keyword planning because it shows what is trending in your area of research and gives you insight to what keywords people are searching for, and if used correctly, can lead to more traffic to your website.

How it works

When using Google Trends, you have some options when setting your search parameters. Specifically, you can choose the country, time frame and category you want to research. You can also choose from different content types including web, image, news, video, etc.

Next you can compare terms, searching up to five at a time. For example, when testing out what keywords would improve Keybridge’s SEO, we searched “best web design company”, “best web design agency”, and “best web development company” on Google Trends. Since the data showed that “best web design agency” got fewer searches than the others, it made sense to take those keywords out. Google Trends is also able to give you related searches for that specific keyword so you can see if another relevant term is more Google friendly. We ended up using “best web development company” for the Keybridge website’s key terms, and is now on the first page of Google when those keywords are searched.

Capture full

One of the perks of Google Trends is that it allows you to break down your data and trends by regions of the country. For example you would be able to see if your target audience is showing more interest in your key phrases in the Washington DC area or the Richmond, Virginia area. This information can be helpful when putting out information specific to these regions.

Another useful feature of Google Trends is that it shows when interest in your target terms or phrases peak. You are able to see if interest increases or decreases over time or if there is a certain month of the year this keyword is searched the most. This data can be useful when putting together a content calendar to see when certain information searches are historically popular.

While there are many resources out there for SEO keyword planning, we found that Google Trends is an effective, high-level resources for identifying trends and comparing different keyword ideas. This will give you a way to see which keywords will be most effective for your specific SEO and business needs.





5 star review

Review: WordPress SEO

Price: Free

Platform: WordPress

Company: Yoast

Problem We Faced
We wanted to make sure we were providing best-in-class SEO services for our clients. Using a plugin for search engine optimization (SEO) helps sites optimize website keywords and titles so they rank higher on the web pages of various search engines — particularly Google. We wanted to ensure clients were able to have their content work hard for them in order to boost their website’s SEO.

The Solution

One of our favorite plugins to boost search engine optimization is WordPress SEO  by Yoast. WordPress SEO by Yoast checks many of the main issues on why SEO is non-existent on your website. When writing new pages for your website, the plugin tries to optimize your ranking by checking your information. It will let you know if you do not have enough content or if you need to update your title to match keywords for your website through the page analytics bar. Through the SEO checks, content writers know to add in more quality information to draw in future readers whether it is adding in external links or making it easier to read. One of our favorite things about the Yoast SEO plugin is the ability to change your meta description and SEO title quickly since these are the first things viewers see on search engines.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

We have noticed a few instances where the plugin does not pick up content from certain WordPress page builders.

What We Liked Most

This plugin has been around for years and currently enhances SEO on over a million websites. It is the best SEO plugins we have used because it gives the tools for straightforward SEO improvement without having to flip through the various pages of different SEO handbooks.


An informative and professional website is a great way for law firms to differentiate themselves from competition. But it can be hard to know what to include that’s relevant and useful to your clients. We just found a free WordPress plugin, designed specifically for attorneys, that seamlessly integrates useful information directly to your site.

Lawyer Plugin compiles resources including laws, decisions from legislative bodies, government resources, and documents from private libraries – all tailored to your practice areas. The resources are constantly updated, organized, and verified by humans – so your clients can access the most relevant information, without combing through duplicates.

In addition, Lawyer Plugin makes it easy for potential clients to find you. It includes a peer-to-peer lawyer directory, so your firm is listed in a central database. Plus, since you’re featuring high-quality documents and links to reputable sources, your site is more likely to rank higher in search engines – increasing traffic and hopefully, clients.

It’s easy to install – just select up to three practice areas and activate the plugin, and in a few minutes your site is up-to-date and organized. It helps your clients who are looking for accurate information, and can attract new clients on your firm’s professional looking website. And its free – a quick and easy way to make your firm’s site stand out.