Category: Nonprofits

Organization: Palmetto Promise Institute

Stylish Metro Theme: This elegant WordPress theme was the perfect template for a bright and colorful site with a video slider.

Gravity Forms: “Hands down the best contact form plugin for WordPress powered websites.” Simple drag-and-drop form creation and a smooth user experience.  

Emma Email Integration: Visitors can easily sign up for emails and online newsletters directly on the website.

Paypal Integration: Seamless Paypal integration for a donation form that allows automatic recurring payments.

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We found a great way for think tanks to moderate the effectiveness of their reports and articles is through a click of a button. Many think tanks do not have the time to moderate the comments section of their website and would rather have readers focus on the content rather than the comments.  A easy way to moderate the thoughts of commenters is through the reaction button  plugin.

How it works:

The reaction button plugin displays button options at the end of any articles or posts, similar to the buttons below:


The reader can easily choose a option that represents how they feel about the content. Think tanks can easily customize the these options to fit their needs. Some examples of may be:

  • agree
  • disagree
  • useful
  • not useful

This free and simple plugin then allows think tanks measure what readers think about the article through what the readers clicked. With a click of the button viewers can see how many people agree with them whether it is by percentage or the actual number of times the button was pressed. If cookies are enabled, web users are unable to click the same button twice unless they clear their browser history.

Why not use your think tank’s website to provide useful information and find out different responses readers may have? Comment sections are commonly disabled on think tank websites due to negatives comments between the occasional readers. The reaction button gives readers a chance to express what they feel without verbally attacking each other.  Without feedback from others, think tanks may disconnect from their audience and not provide content readers want to learn about. When you think of web design for think tanks, you want to be able to understand your current and future audience. The reaction button can help connect with the readers and can improve future content.

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The need to show organized current data on websites can be an essential for many business websites. However, we understand how much tedious work it takes to organize spreadsheets and manually enter information a second time for online use. We have found a great solution that allows you to update your website directly from your Excel spreadsheets.  No more manually updating in two places, only one.

wpDataTables gives you all the tools to make sure your online spreadsheet looks great on your website. You can self install the plugin onto your WordPress website with the video tutorials and instructions. The front-end user experience slick and interactive. Website users can group, sort and filter data so they can easily find the information they need. This is particularly essential with large data sets such as catalogs or historical financial data. This plugin is responsive so it will look a great on any device which will allow your viewers to look up information on the database quickly. Want to add visuals? wpDataTables has you covered. Use what you have inserted and give your clients a chart.

A simple back-end and intuitive front-end make this plugin a go-to resource to display data on any WordPress site.

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As a think tank or research institute, your website needs to convey complex information in a straightforward way. Charts and graphs help a reader analyze and understand what you’re saying and create visual interest. They’re a great addition to any site, but they can also be clunky and require complex coding. We’ve recently found a tool that can help you create, manage and embed charts and graphs directly into your WordPress site.

WordPress Visualizer is a plugin that allows you to build and customize nine types of charts: line, area, bar, column, pie, geo, gauge, candlestick and scatter. It provides really straightforward default settings that allow you to just plug in your data and go. Or, for a more personalized format, you can custom configure options to manipulate precisely how the chart presents information. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from and your charts will embed seamlessly into your site – you just create the chart with the Google Charts app and copy and paste the code into your site.

This plugin uses Google Visualization API – the most widely used visual-making technology – making in compatible with any web browser and the iOS and Android platforms. Anyone with internet access, whether on a computer, iPad or smartphone, will be able to see and understand your graphics.

We think this technology would be great for think tanks that want to focus efforts on collecting and analyzing data, not on coding to make sure the chart shows up.

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