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Many major newspapers such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have set up a paywall on their website. This allows some articles to be available to readers while others require a paid subscription. We found the WP-Members as a plugin that can help many newspapers enforce the paywall and manage the number of subscribers.

The WP-Members plugin gives subscribers a chance to register for an account to view news content quickly. Through the online registration system, newspapers can track what users are looking at and when they view the articles online. If there are subscribers writing vulgar comments on articles then admins of the news site can ban the user’s account and block their IP address to prevent the same user registering for another account.

The WP-Members plugin also allows newspapers to install an add-on features. If news sites decide to charge for content, PayPal  integration is an option. The  MailChimp integration can be beneficial to the news site if you need to email subscribers to renew their subscription, send out daily news articles, or to send a welcome message after registration.

News sites will not have to worry about how much content is shown to non-subscribers. After writers post their articles, the plugin can automatically create an excerpt of an article which non-subscribers can see or have writers manually pick how much a reader can see to create the paid content for the paywall. Overall, the WP-Members plugin can not only help your writers find out who is looking at their articles, it can help newspapers report what interests the public.

Your website can be a great avenue to recruit new talent. We recently found, an easy to use job management tool to help increase awareness about open positions — WP Job manager.

The WP Job Manager plugin allows managers to add on information such as job title, job description and location. The tool also allows job seekers search quickly for the type of industry field and location of the job. By default the plugin allows applicants to apply by sending an email to the company’s HR personnel.  After the application is submitted, company’s can send out automatic emails thanking the job seeker for their application.

This tool has a variety of add-ons that can enhance the number of applicants and interest in the $19 to $39 range. The WP job manager can allow the job posting to advertised or  have the posting redirected to a bigger employment websites such as Indeed  or Career builder. This plugin can allow applicants apply with  LinkedIn, XING or  Facebook. If employers want to build a standard form with name, email and resume attachment, you have to buy the forum add-on which is a standard for many job sites. Are no currently open positions? You can keep interest by allowing job seekers sign up to receive job alerts automatically after the company posts another job opportunity.

For association websites, this plugin gives access to different members to submit job openings they may have in their company. Overall this is a great plugin — it has so much potential to help many websites who are searching for employees.

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Looking to start an online newspaper, or move your print publication onto your website? We found a WordPress theme called Newspaper that makes it easy.

Aesthetics can make or break your website’s success – it doesn’t matter how great your articles are if their presentation isn’t visually engaging. That’s why Newspaper’s so great. It features five distinct styles (called stacks) that transform your site instantly, and the option to customize every aspect, with over 60 combinations of font, color and layout. Clean lines, crisp photo backgrounds, a balance of text, images, and white space – it looks undeniably cool.

Newspaper also handles three critical aspects of any news site – photos, videos, and ads. You can drag and drop photos into a gallery, directly embed video and audio content, and the theme supports Google Ads and AdSense –  an easy way to get revenue by tailoring ads to your viewers.

This is one of the best themes we’ve found, both because it does a lot, and does it all well. For $58 you get access to 24-hour support, but its five-star rating means you probably won’t need it. It’s a way to make your site professional and relevant in just a few clicks.