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In part three of our MembershipWorks blog series, we’ll go over the event calendar and registration aspects of the plugin. To learn about the member directory and online payments, check out part one and two of the series. Be on the lookout for more in this series about MembershipWorks.

Event Calendar and Registration

listCaptureEvents can play a large part in creating a successful association. They can bring in revenue as well a encourage new members to join. With the events calendar and registration in the MembershipWorks plugin, there is a simple way to find, sign up and pay for events all on the same page. When visitors are searching for an event on the calendar, the event can be viewed in a full month format or as a scrolling list, and can be color coded by category. For example if you were an environmental organization, blue events on the calendar could be weekly member meetings and green could be “family day in the park”.

There are several configuration options when selling tickets to events. For example, if there are a limited number of seats at your banquet, the system can cap the number of tickets sold. MembershipWorks is able to set up member only events, in which only members are able to view and buy tickets. Members can also be set up to receive special pricing on tickets when they are under their login.

buyCaptureFor instance, if a non-member is buying $15 tickets for “family day in the park”, a member might get them for free. After making the purchase, they will both be automatically emailed receipts and calendar invites so they can easily add the event to their personal calendar. Whether its members or non-members registering for an event or buying tickets, the smooth one page checkout makes for a fast and easy transaction, minimizing drop-off during the checkout process.

Once people have signed up, registration data can be exported into a spreadsheet, making it easy to create a list of attendees. After the event, invoices, payments and fees can be put into QuickBooks so data is recorded appropriately.

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4 star review

Review: Photo Gallery 

Price: Free; Pro version (Personal $30 – Developer $60)

Platform: WordPress

Company: WebDorado

Problem We Faced
We had a client who hosted various networking events wanted to showcase to potential members how active they are within the community. Since this client had pictures from previous events, we thought giving a visual display would get viewers an idea on what the association does and the opportunities it offers.

The Solution
We used the Photo Gallery plugin so the client can easily organize their photos by event. There were several great display options out-of-the box, including tile view, slideshow, or grid view. The plugin makes it easy for any user to change the size and order of the photos which is great if users want to add photos on the website quickly.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

It would be great if there was a way to display the event name (album name) underneath the photos.

What We Liked Most

This plugin is very straight forward and easy to organize. We thought the watermark was a good idea to protect others using photos for personal use. We also thought the Pro version was great because you could share your photos to social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Have you ever been put on hold to have a doctor’s office, rental company or a venue check their calendar availability? Companies can cut their time on the phone and save customers time by showcasing available calendar booking times online. We found a great booking availability calendar and request system called Booking calendar, to can help businesses and customers coordinate with each others calendars.

Booking Calendar allows businesses to set the times and dates for the bookings months in advance. Customers have the capability to enter in their information to request or cancel bookings from the time slots available. An automatic email is sent to the customers thanking them for booking request and asking to reschedule if a customer cancels. Businesses are also emailed at the time of requests and cancellations.

Booking Calendar tries to customize features needed for bigger and smaller companies. When requesting a time slot customers are able to enter in their payment information through PayPal, Authorize.Net, iPay88 and Sage Pay. If a customer cancels after a certain period, the customer can be charged a fee through their payment account for medium business accounts. For large business accounts, coupons can be added on. Booking Calendar also has multiuser accounts to keep track of the roles of the users and changes they have made to the calendar. Although there are different features for different business sizes, this plugin can help rental companies and venues are able to view what customers need and when customers need it. With a few clicks, the company can respond using this plugin.

You want a website that’s convenient and time-saving for both you and your customers — one of the best tools for this is an online scheduler. It’s a valuable resource for spas, salons, real estate agents, gyms, and any other business that takes appointments. We just found a great WP online appointment scheduling plugin that’s free and does just that.

Appointy allows your clients to book appointments online, 24×7 and manages all your appointments and calendars. What sets it apart is that unlike most scheduling apps, it doesn’t redirect your client to an external site — users can view availability and schedule appointments right from your homepage. The plugin features a calendar system that shows clients available slots for an entire month and syncs with your Google Calendar or iCal. And it tracks your staff to prevent double bookings as well as allowing you to customize the services and slots offered.

This is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their clients’ lives easier, as well as their own. Plus, Appointy features live support staff and is mobile-friendly for clients and administrators. We think a lot of our clients could benefit, and its worth checking out for any business looking to improve their web presence.

When planning an event, it’s critical to keep track of every detail to make sure the invitations, registration, ticketing and day-of run smoothly. But it can be hard to integrate complicated systems into your website without hours of coding. We just found a great plug in that can collect attendee data, compile guest lists, and collect payments – it’s perfect for event planners or any firm that relies on hosting events.

Event Espresso allows you to host and manage events directly through your WordPress site. It handles every step of the process, from inviting guests to selling tickets to checking guests in on the day of the event. It allows you to create a custom registration page that collects, organizes, and stores whatever data you need from attendees. You can set up multiple ticketing options, with different dates, times and seating options. When its time to start selling tickets, attendees can pay directly on your WP site, and the plugin handles collecting money and administering taxes. Finally, it sends customized confirmation and reminder emails and includes an option to link directly to guests’ calendars. Besides the lines and lines of code you don’t have to write, Event Espresso actually eliminates a lot of the busywork of event planning.

Event Espresso also gives you the option of add-ons, such as maps, seating charts, and integration with mailchimp and other services. The plugin starts at $99.99, with packages for individuals, corporations and developers and discounts available for non-profits. Plus, it includes live support for troubleshooting and regular upgrades.

There’s a million details that go into planning event, but plug-ins like Event Espresso can handle a lot of them, letting you focus on the big picture.