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In today’s world your website is often the the first impression prospects will get of your firm. Whether you have a large firm or small practice, it’s important to convey professionalism right out of the gate while still maintaining a sleek interface that will impress prospective clients.

We found the CompanyLaw WordPress theme checked off all the boxes we were looking for in a modern law firm’s website. With bold images and lawyer specific posts, this theme is ready for complete customization based on your firm’s needs. It’s easy to show off recent cases, portfolios and client testimonials with a drag-and-drop page builder that can be personalized to best fit the site.

teamCaptureShowing off your firm’s team members is simple, with built in tools that allow you to showcase each attorney with a profile picture and bio. Clients will be able to see each lawyer’s body of work and specialty, making finding different specialties easy and convenient.

So, whether you’re a small practice with three partners or a large firm with a hundred lawyers in ten states, we highly recommend using the CompanyLaw WordPress theme as a starting template for your new website. And if you’re looking for an expert to get your website up and running, drop us a line. Ask for Mike. I’d be happy to help!

Your website can be a great avenue to recruit new talent. We recently found, an easy to use job management tool to help increase awareness about open positions — WP Job manager.

The WP Job Manager plugin allows managers to add on information such as job title, job description and location. The tool also allows job seekers search quickly for the type of industry field and location of the job. By default the plugin allows applicants to apply by sending an email to the company’s HR personnel.  After the application is submitted, company’s can send out automatic emails thanking the job seeker for their application.

This tool has a variety of add-ons that can enhance the number of applicants and interest in the $19 to $39 range. The WP job manager can allow the job posting to advertised or  have the posting redirected to a bigger employment websites such as Indeed  or Career builder. This plugin can allow applicants apply with  LinkedIn, XING or  Facebook. If employers want to build a standard form with name, email and resume attachment, you have to buy the forum add-on which is a standard for many job sites. Are no currently open positions? You can keep interest by allowing job seekers sign up to receive job alerts automatically after the company posts another job opportunity.

For association websites, this plugin gives access to different members to submit job openings they may have in their company. Overall this is a great plugin — it has so much potential to help many websites who are searching for employees.

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When searching for doctors and lawyers, many people ask their friends for references and do some online research on the firm or practice. They would like to know if the person they are retaining services from is experienced and has good credentials. One great way that doctors and lawyers are able to show off their impressive background is through a plugin called Resume Builder.

Resume Builder is an easy to install plugin that prompts users to enter in their background information quickly. It can display lists of skills, education highlights and experience. If the service provider wants, they can add in a head shot with a brief description so viewers can learn more about the provider. The contact information is shown on the side to help motivate and redirect the viewer to call or email immediately since the information is right in front of them.

We prefer using this plugin when it comes to showing off resumes since the format is universal if multiple people would like to display their resumes. Some websites like to display PDF’s of resumes but these can take a while to load, and are also not helpful for SEO. This plugin would give the firm or practice a clean, convenient and SEO friendly way to display professional resumes on your website.

Keybridge Web specializes in websites for associations. To learn more, click here.

An informative and professional website is a great way for law firms to differentiate themselves from competition. But it can be hard to know what to include that’s relevant and useful to your clients. We just found a free WordPress plugin, designed specifically for attorneys, that seamlessly integrates useful information directly to your site.

Lawyer Plugin compiles resources including laws, decisions from legislative bodies, government resources, and documents from private libraries – all tailored to your practice areas. The resources are constantly updated, organized, and verified by humans – so your clients can access the most relevant information, without combing through duplicates.

In addition, Lawyer Plugin makes it easy for potential clients to find you. It includes a peer-to-peer lawyer directory, so your firm is listed in a central database. Plus, since you’re featuring high-quality documents and links to reputable sources, your site is more likely to rank higher in search engines – increasing traffic and hopefully, clients.

It’s easy to install – just select up to three practice areas and activate the plugin, and in a few minutes your site is up-to-date and organized. It helps your clients who are looking for accurate information, and can attract new clients on your firm’s professional looking website. And its free – a quick and easy way to make your firm’s site stand out.