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Association: Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

For a professional association website, member functionality is usually high on the priority list. In the case of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, everything from online registration and payments to a member directory was a necessity. Using the MembershipWorks plugin, we were able to check off every item on ILCA’s list.

Integrating online registration and payments on the ILCA site was a great way to streamline their system. They are now able to view and accept applications on the back-end of the site, as well as accept online payments.  Members can pay their dues online with the option of automatic recurring billing. Once logged on, a user can renew their membership, update their profile, and access restricted members only content.

Administrators can see each member’s history with a timeline view of payments, upgrades, and renewal dates. They can then update a member profile if needed. See the image below for an example of the member timeline.

Easily view member history using the timeline feature.

ilca2ILCA had specific annual events they wanted to showcase. With MembershipWorks users can easily find events with a full calendar view of both annual and recurring events. From here, they can register and pay for the event right from the site.

For ILCA, a member directory was essential. MembershipWorks made it easy to to create a directory of every business in the association, with a map pinpointing each location. Our favorite feature is that each business is able to customize their profile with a logo and a description of their services. Whether a member is searching for a specific company, service, or location, criteria can be searched at the top of the directory to find information easily.

Above are just a few of the examples of how MembershipWorks was used to streamline and integrate systems for this association. If you would like to know how MembershipWorks can be used for your site, give us a call at 877-302-2185. We’re always happy to help find the best possible solution for your association website.


Today, many large companies and small businesses use their website to list everything from restaurant ratings to cars for sale. Whether you have five or 2,000 listings, they should look sleek and uniform so your visitors can easily find what they’re looking for.

CaptureOne of the best WordPress themes for directory websites is Listify. The theme is unique because if its combination of functionality and design. It matches the directory with great looking photography that will attract customers to your business.

Listify is built to integrate some of the best booking services right into the theme. It supports Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce bookings. You can use your pre-existing login information and the theme will link up the systems, resulting in an easy to use reservation site for your users.

CaptureThere are several add-ons for this theme such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and FacetWP. With the WooCommerce plugin, revenue can be generated with your website by charging restaurants or other businesses to list on your site.

We also love that Listify is an easy solution for membership and association sites. Your members can pay to post their own listing, complete with images, location and business information. Overall, we think this mobile friendly WordPress theme is one of the best on the market.

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In the last segment of the MembershipWorks blog series, we’ll discuss the membership management features of the plugin. Check out our previous three posts for more on member profiles, member billing and the event calendar from the MembershipWorks plugin.

Membership Management

For any professional association’s website, membership management is a huge component in making an organization run smoothly. Members can be labeled and put into folders, so they can be easily found by specialty, membership level, committee, etc. From here you can quickly email either all of your members at once or just a group directly from the administration panel. For example, if you were managing a site for a landscape association, you could set a filter to send your email to only landscapers who specialize in residential work in Georgetown.

Members of your association will appreciate how simple it is to sign in and maintain their own personal account information. From here they can pay dues or manage billing, with the option to make it recurring or just a one time payment. They can maintain their own personal member profile, with the ability to change images or text when updates are needed. Members can also be allowed access to content on the association’s website, that the public wouldn’t be able to see.

The MembershipWorks plugin supports group memberships with an independent sign on for each contact within the organization. In the example of the landscapers association website, Georgetown Landscaping could have one overall profile for their business, while each separate landscaper has their own login information to pay dues.

Digital tablet projecting social media profile on blue backgroundLastly, it’s a breeze to get at-a-glance membership metrics for all users. The administrator is able to see anything from a specific member’s history to overall membership signups, renewals or event sales all in one page.

Overall we liked that it was clear to see the activity of all the members, while still giving members an easy way to personalize their account information. We found that MembershipWorks is a great plugin that encompasses everything we were looking for when creating an effective website for a professional association. With features such as the event calendar, customizable member profiles and recurring member billing, this plugin can make any association’s website modern and user friendly.

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In part three of our MembershipWorks blog series, we’ll go over the event calendar and registration aspects of the plugin. To learn about the member directory and online payments, check out part one and two of the series. Be on the lookout for more in this series about MembershipWorks.

Event Calendar and Registration

listCaptureEvents can play a large part in creating a successful association. They can bring in revenue as well a encourage new members to join. With the events calendar and registration in the MembershipWorks plugin, there is a simple way to find, sign up and pay for events all on the same page. When visitors are searching for an event on the calendar, the event can be viewed in a full month format or as a scrolling list, and can be color coded by category. For example if you were an environmental organization, blue events on the calendar could be weekly member meetings and green could be “family day in the park”.

There are several configuration options when selling tickets to events. For example, if there are a limited number of seats at your banquet, the system can cap the number of tickets sold. MembershipWorks is able to set up member only events, in which only members are able to view and buy tickets. Members can also be set up to receive special pricing on tickets when they are under their login.

buyCaptureFor instance, if a non-member is buying $15 tickets for “family day in the park”, a member might get them for free. After making the purchase, they will both be automatically emailed receipts and calendar invites so they can easily add the event to their personal calendar. Whether its members or non-members registering for an event or buying tickets, the smooth one page checkout makes for a fast and easy transaction, minimizing drop-off during the checkout process.

Once people have signed up, registration data can be exported into a spreadsheet, making it easy to create a list of attendees. After the event, invoices, payments and fees can be put into QuickBooks so data is recorded appropriately.

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This is part two of our blog series on the key features of the MembershipWorks plugin and how they can be particularly useful for professional organizations. You can read about member profiles and directories in part one of the series here, with more segments on the other elements of the plugin to come.

Member Billing and Online Payments

For professional associations, member billing and payments are a crucial part of your organization. MembershipWorks has come up with a simple solution to integrate online payments onto your member website, in an easy one page checkout format.

new1CaptureMembershipWorks billing works with Stripe, Paypal, Braintree and so you can integrate your existing payment account onto your site. Payments can be made with all major credit cards and gives the option of different billing methods: automatic recurring billing, online billing, one-time billing or pay by check. Members are also able to purchase membership add-ons from their account. For example, if a member wanted to post an advertisement to the association website, they could purchase it as an add-on to their membership.

Non-members benefit from this plugin as well. When buying event tickets or making payments, they will be able to checkout right from the website, without navigating to another page. Both members and nonmembers are able to make a payment or purchase in a limited number of steps, so that checkout is easy and painless. Once the payment is made, receipts or event confirmations are emailed automatically and payments are recorded. If the customer was unsatisfied with their purchase, the site administrator is able to give a refund.

barCaptureWhen recording payments and tracking finances, MembershipWorks automatically charts your financial process, breaking down payments by membership fees, donations, and events. It also lets you export this information to Quickbooks or Excel so you can keep track of your data on multiple platforms.

Overall the billing functionality really ticks all the boxes for our membership billing needs. To learn more about the other MembershipWorks features, keep an eye out for upcoming posts on the online event calendar and membership management.

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A professional organization’s website plays an important role in getting your members connected with the appropriate client. In this blog series we’ll touch on the useful features of the MembershipWorks plugin and how they can be particularly effective for trade associations and professional groups. The pricing varies based on the number for members — for example 1,200 members would cost $79 a month. Given all the services it provides, we think it is well worth the price.

This post will focus on the Member Directory and be on the lookout for future posts covering their other features:

Membership Management

• Automatic Billing and Online Payments

• Event Calendar and Registration


Member Directory


One of the main features of the plugin is the member directory. This gives visitors a way to easily search for and connect with your users. For instance, if you’re a real estate association using this plugin, visitors can narrow down their search by neighborhood and then by broker type. Say a user is looking for a realtor in Georgetown who specializes in finding commercial buildings. All members fitting the criteria will appear on a list and the user can browse member profiles to find the best fit.

MembershipWorks is also versatile enough to allow members who have multiple locations to list them all with separate contact information and location for each. So, the example real estate association, a member real estate agency would be able to list multiple brokers with different locations

profileCaptureMembershipWorks also makes it simple for members to customize their own profiles with a drag-and-drop interface, allowing them to add images, social media links and contacts. Recommendations can also been seen on a member profile, giving visitors the option of providing a simple “thumbs up” or a written review on the page.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the MembershipWorks is truly a robust WordPress association management system, and their member directory feature is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m looking forward to exploring the other features in future posts.

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5 star review

Review: Newsletter Plugin

Price: Free – $97 (pricing options)

Platform: WordPress

This WordPress Newsletter plugin is everything we were looking for and more when creating a professional looking newsletter. With its easy to use design and customizable options, creating a newsletter to fit your specific needs is simple.

Problem We Faced

We wanted to create a newsletter that would be straightforward to use, seamless in design, but was also powerful enough to give us back information on newsletter clicks, opens and demographics.

The Solution

We tested Newsletter and found that it was a great solution for companies looking to send out a newsletter to as little or any many subscribers as they wanted. This plugin allows you to have an unlimited number of subscribers, allowing you to send as many emails without limiting your traffic. Under the professional subscription, you have the option to download add-ons for the plugin that include extended reports, sent newsletter archives, a Facebook extension, feed by mail and more. Newsletter can also generate detailed reports on clicks, opens, etc. The report can also include geolocation, that can be useful when targeting a specific area. One of the downloads we found most useful was the feed by mail extension. This allows the plugin to automatically generate newsletters using the latest content on your blog as frequently as you want (daily, monthly, etc).

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

For now we don’t see anything that needs major improvement. If we come across any red flags we will be sure to keep you posted.

What We Liked Most

We liked Newsletter because of the useful options it provided, while still being easy to use. Our favorite downloads were the detailed reports and the automated newsletter options. Since most of the downloads on the professional extension were effective in creating a functional newsletter, we didn’t mind the paying for the premium subscription.

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Your website can be a great avenue to recruit new talent. We recently found, an easy to use job management tool to help increase awareness about open positions — WP Job manager.

The WP Job Manager plugin allows managers to add on information such as job title, job description and location. The tool also allows job seekers search quickly for the type of industry field and location of the job. By default the plugin allows applicants to apply by sending an email to the company’s HR personnel.  After the application is submitted, company’s can send out automatic emails thanking the job seeker for their application.

This tool has a variety of add-ons that can enhance the number of applicants and interest in the $19 to $39 range. The WP job manager can allow the job posting to advertised or  have the posting redirected to a bigger employment websites such as Indeed  or Career builder. This plugin can allow applicants apply with  LinkedIn, XING or  Facebook. If employers want to build a standard form with name, email and resume attachment, you have to buy the forum add-on which is a standard for many job sites. Are no currently open positions? You can keep interest by allowing job seekers sign up to receive job alerts automatically after the company posts another job opportunity.

For association websites, this plugin gives access to different members to submit job openings they may have in their company. Overall this is a great plugin — it has so much potential to help many websites who are searching for employees.

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4 star review

Review: Photo Gallery 

Price: Free; Pro version (Personal $30 – Developer $60)

Platform: WordPress

Company: WebDorado

Problem We Faced
We had a client who hosted various networking events wanted to showcase to potential members how active they are within the community. Since this client had pictures from previous events, we thought giving a visual display would get viewers an idea on what the association does and the opportunities it offers.

The Solution
We used the Photo Gallery plugin so the client can easily organize their photos by event. There were several great display options out-of-the box, including tile view, slideshow, or grid view. The plugin makes it easy for any user to change the size and order of the photos which is great if users want to add photos on the website quickly.

How Could This Plugin Be Improved?

It would be great if there was a way to display the event name (album name) underneath the photos.

What We Liked Most

This plugin is very straight forward and easy to organize. We thought the watermark was a good idea to protect others using photos for personal use. We also thought the Pro version was great because you could share your photos to social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

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When searching for doctors and lawyers, many people ask their friends for references and do some online research on the firm or practice. They would like to know if the person they are retaining services from is experienced and has good credentials. One great way that doctors and lawyers are able to show off their impressive background is through a plugin called Resume Builder.

Resume Builder is an easy to install plugin that prompts users to enter in their background information quickly. It can display lists of skills, education highlights and experience. If the service provider wants, they can add in a head shot with a brief description so viewers can learn more about the provider. The contact information is shown on the side to help motivate and redirect the viewer to call or email immediately since the information is right in front of them.

We prefer using this plugin when it comes to showing off resumes since the format is universal if multiple people would like to display their resumes. Some websites like to display PDF’s of resumes but these can take a while to load, and are also not helpful for SEO. This plugin would give the firm or practice a clean, convenient and SEO friendly way to display professional resumes on your website.

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