Category: Architecture

Creating an online portfolio has become a necessary component for everyone from graphic designers to architects. In fields with such a heavy reliance on visuals, the importance of creating an alluring space for your work is a top priority. For these professionals’ websites, we love the Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose theme, for a site that focuses on images rather than text.

With this theme, your portfolio images will be the heart of the site. The homepage features a Pinterest style layout, that will show off your favorite projects. For architects and engineers, you can display both finished projects as well as buildings in process. For designers and artists, this is the perfect way to lay out your pieces to match your vision.

Besides the portfolio, included in the theme is a place for a blog, allowing visitors insight on certain projects.

As with most modern WordPress themes, this too is completely responsive, meaning it will look great on all platforms from desktops and tablets to mobile. Overall, we think this theme is ideal for anyone looking to display their work in a clean and modern environment.

For engineering and architecture firms, your website plays an important role in marketing and branding your company. You want your website to represent your company with a modern design and user friendly features. The Bridge-Architecture theme for WordPress was our answer for a stylish, feature rich site. With 24 layout options, there are endless possibilities to make your site perfect for your firm.

CaptureShowcasing previous projects can be a key selling point for architects and engineers. We love the Architecture theme for showing off your work with an online portfolio right on your website. For prospective clients, this makes finding a firm easier because they don’t have to navigate to other sites looking for images and completed projects.

The Architecture theme is completely responsive, meaning it will look great on all platforms from desktops and tablets to mobile. Overall, we found this theme to be perfect for any engineering, architecture or design company thanks to its versatility and ability to act as a true marketing asset for your firm.

Your firm’s website will often be the first place potential clients and employees see your company. It is your chance to make a positive and lasting first impression. Your site needs to accurately represent the quality of your firm, and it needs to look good on any device. One modern and versatile theme we have used to showcase engineering firms is the Divi WordPress theme. Click here to view an example of an engineering website that we recently built using the Divi theme.

For engineering firms, the Divi theme specializes in showing off portfolios. All the work being put into projects can be shown off and allows viewers to filter by categories.  There is an option to link social media and videos, write a blog and create a customer testimonial section. All of those elements can end up developing trust and credibility for your firm.

Divi gives the option of using different types of navigation on your engineering firm’s website. Horizontal navigation with a boxed layout or  vertical navigation with a full length layout, you pick!  By the time your site is complete, it will be fully customized to your needs, and will be a valuable marketing tool for your firm.